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a book about


Charting the natural signs

God gave each teen girl & young woman

to understand her unique cycles

Chart your cycles to accurately predict your periods,
find natural care for premenstrual symptoms,
and grow in appreciation for God’s design of your body


God gave each girl unique signs about what is happening in her own body every day.  Learning to chart these clues can reveal amazing things about your cycles.  With Cycles & Spirituality, examine the benefits of charting, contemplate God’s plan for women, find out about cervical mucus and your basal body temperature, and gain practical suggestions to manage the physical and emotional symptoms that come with fluctuating hormones.  For Christian teen girls and young women, cycle awareness in combination with spiritual reflection may even lead to a closer relationship with God.


Cycles & Spirituality is written to help you:

  • Learn your own body’s unique signs

  • Predict your cycles – even if they are irregular

  • Understand how hormones contribute to your emotions

  • Realize how life events can impact your cycles

  • Discover how to manage cycle symptoms naturally

  • Grow spiritually by developing an appreciation for God’s natural design


Cycles & Spirituality is intended for Christian girls ages 14 and up

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