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Excerpts from Cycles & Spirituality


Are your cycles perfectly predictable at exactly 28 days each and every month?  If not, this book was written especially for you!  If you have ever had a period that arrived “early” and caught you off-guard or if you have ever had a period that arrived “late” and left you guessing which day (or week) to be ready or if your cycles are so variable you can’t even begin to speculate which weekend is more convenient for a camping trip, you might be amazed by your new ability to predict even the most irregular of cycles.  If your cycles are already perfectly predictable each month, you may still find it fascinating to be more aware of your body and to discover how this awareness can improve your physical and emotional health and perhaps even help you develop a closer connection with God.


Cycles & Spirituality teaches awareness of what your own body is doing every day of your cycle, not just days you are bleeding.   Women who have this insight often comment that cycle awareness leads to overall better health.  Being in tune with your own body’s natural signs can encourage healthier eating, sleeping, and exercising habits and can help manage cycle-related symptoms more naturally, leading to improved physical health.  For girls with irregular cycles, being able to predict the arrival of a period can reduce anxiety and increase confidence, leading to improved emotional health.  Understanding how your hormones may be fluctuating on any particular day can also help identify when emotional reactions may be cycle-related.  Believe it or not, the personal stories of many women show that cycle awareness can also lead to appreciation for God’s design of your natural cycle, which can even lead to a spiritual closeness with God. 


Cycles & Spirituality is written for unmarried young women who are not sexually active.  It does not teach a method of preventing pregnancy.  It teaches an understanding of menstrual cycles and how to predict them while keeping in perspective God’s plan for young women.  As this book is designed for girls practicing God’s plan of abstinence before marriage, not all girls will find this book valuable.  This book is prayerfully devoted to the many young women and teens who value chastity:  May understanding your cycle while honoring your values have a positive impact in your life.




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