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Table of Contents from Cycles & Spirituality



Note to Mothers & Fathers

Part I:  My Body, by God’s Design

    Chapter 1:  Benefits of Understanding My Cycle

        Physically Healthier Cycles

        Emotionally Healthier Cycles

        Spiritually Healthier Cycles

        Healthier Future

    Chapter 2:  Created Female

        God’s Design for Woman

        God’s Design for Love

        God’s Desire for Chastity

        God’s Forgiveness

    Chapter 3:  How My Body Creates My Cycle Signs

        My Anatomy and My Cycles

        My Hormones and How They Create Observable Signs

Part II:  Understanding God’s Design of My Body

    Chapter 4:  The Signs God Gave Me

        Cervical Mucus

        Basal Body Temperature

        The Pattern

        When to Get Started

        Getting Started

    Chapter 5:  Observing My Own Signs

        Observing My Bleeding

        Observing My Mucus

        Observing My Temperature

        Observing Other Signs Unique to Me

        Managing My Chart

    Chapter 6:  What My Signs Say

        Noticing My Mucus Trends

        Identifying My Peak Day

        Determining My Thermal Shift

        Determining My Luteal Phase

        Starting a New Chart

        My Cycle Length

        Predicting My Period

        Interpreting My Whole Chart

        Breakthrough Bleeding

        Missed Temperatures

Part III:  Living Naturally with the Body God Gave Me

    Chapter 7:  Impacts to My Cycle and Signs


        Body Weight & Body Fat


        Underlying Health Concerns

        Medication Side Effects

    Chapter 8:  Cycle Symptoms:  Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual

        Physical Symptoms

        Emotional Symptoms

        Natural Treatments & Care

        Spiritual Reflection

        Noting Natural Treatments Helpful to Me

    Chapter 9:  The Pill

        Mechanisms of Hormonal Birth Control

        Side Effects

        Quitting Birth Control Pills

Appendix A:  Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix B:  Answers to Practice Charts

Appendix C:  Blank Chart




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